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Western Instruments range of Magnetic Particle Inspection Coils, sets the company apart from any other offering Portable MPI Equipment. Western offers three very different Series of Coils: WA, WP and WD Series. To view the entire range of Western's Magnetic Coil designs, with specifications Click Here. Our unique WD-Series Coils were born as End Area Coils for Oilwell Drilling Tools (BHA Inspection), but have blossomed into versatile Magnetizing and Demagnetizing Tools.

WA-Series Coils WS-Series Coils WP-Series Coils WD-Series Coils WDV-PD Series Coils

Western's WA Series can best be described as Light Duty or Utility Grade Electromagnetic Inspection Coils. These powerful AC Coils are offered in four models: WA-8 (8" or 203mm), WA-10 (10" or 254mm), WA-12(12" or 305mm) and WA-14 (14" or 356mm). As an entry level Mag Coil, the WA-Series of AC Magnetizing Coils are very economically priced.

WS-Series Coils are extremely powerful Pulse DC Coils, considered Drill Pipe End Area Coils. For seasoned Pipe Inspectors this is a 21st Century version of the very successful Smith International Drilco® Coils. Similar to the Drilco Coils, Western offers WS-Series in 4 (not 3 ID sizes; WS-8 (203mm), WS-10 (254mm), WS-12 (305mm) and WS-14 (356mm). All WS Coils weigh under 20 pounds (9kg)!

WP-Series Coils are medium duty AC/DC Coils offering a true Pulsed DC output. The WP-Series are available in 4 ID Sizes: 203mm (8"), 254mm (10"), 305mm (12") and 356mm (14") with various Control Options. Base unit is AC only, first option is Pulse DC, upgradeable to Infinitely Variable DC, with the last upgrade being Reversible Polarity to allow for Demagnetization. Thus a 12" model can be: WP-12, WP-12D, WP-12DV or WP-12DVR. No other Magnetic Coil Manufacturers offer these features.

WD-Series Coils are heavy duty Coils being equipped with Infinitely variable DC output, and Reversing Polarity, so they have gained a Worldwide reputation for their ability to Demagnetize. These Mag Demag Coils are offered with numerous Options, including: AC, Pulse DC, Automatic Ring Down, and numerous Mechanical options for protection, mounting and manipulation. WD-Series Coils are offered in numerous ID sizes from 8 5/8" (219mm) to 60" (1524mm) with the larger sizes applicable for Pipeline Pre-Weld Demagnetization.

Pre-Weld Demagnetization ensures less weld area defects, and faster welding by eliminating Arc Blow. Our WDV-PD Series Coils have set a standard for Pipeline PreWeld DeMag, providing fast and complete demagnetization of Pipe from 2" to 56".

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