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Since the company's incorporation we have always sold other manufacturers Non-Destructive Testing Equipment (Ultrasonics, Magnetic Particle, Dye Penetrant, Eddy Current, and Visual). As we manufacture and supply more of our own equipment, the extent of these activities is reduced.

Western Instruments not only sells, calibrates, and repairs Dakota's Portable Ultrasonic Testing Equipment, we also act as their Canadian Representative. As their Representative we help both distributors and end users with applications and after sales support. This partnership has stood the test of time, going back to what we call the "Stresstel Days", before Dakota personnel started their own company.


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Due to Western's long involvement with Ultrasonic Thickness Gauges and their application in the Oil and Gas Processing (Pressure Equipment) and Drilling/Stimulation/Production Industries, we have kept our customers equipped with the proper Ultrasonic Step Blocks (Step Wedges, Calibration Blocks) for use in Ultrasonic Thickness Testing.

Step Blocks serve some very different uses, with the most obvious being the Standardization (or Calibration) of a Thickness Gauge. Secondly, Step Blocks can demonstrate an operator's competence in using a Thickness Gauge. Third, a Calibration Block equipped with one or more Flat Bottom Holes makes a very effective training aid for showing an inspector what a Corrosion Pit or Internal Porosity can look like (MX Series) or be interpreted (MVX).

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To meet our local industry's specific requirements, Western manufactures a specialty line of Ultrasonic Couplant. This includes a -40°F / -40°C Couplant, which is ideal for use with Portable UT Equipment year round. This Couplant maintains its low fiscosity above +40°C / 105°F as well. Other features of our -40° Ultrasonic Couplant are the addition of a UV tracer, to ensure full removal can be inspected. After dry wiping the work piece, -40° Ultrasonic Couplant is removed with a dampened cloth or industrial wipe. For flaw detection, -40° Ultrasonic Couplant can be diluted with water to raise its viscosity.

Couplants that are water free, for High Temperature Stainless Steel Service, are also offered by Western, and have been aptly named No H2O UT Couplant. The viscosity of No H2O UT Couplant remains constant from -40°F / -40°C through to 400°F / 205°C. No H2O UT Couplant can be diluted and fully removed with the use of a Stoddard Solvent (Varso®, Bayol®, Naptha, etc.)

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