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Due to inspector requests, Western Instruments has created Pit Gauge Kits for Specific Industries. From the most popular Vessel Inspectors Kit, to the Cylinder Inspectors Kit, through to our Digital Pipe Pit Gauge, Western has packaged a Kit for virtually all types of Corrosion Inspectors.

The Kit Section is where we have hidden information on our Speciality Pit Depth Gauges. Specialty Gauges can be a simple solution to an application, such as Western's Tank Floor Reaching Gauge, or the Specialty Pit Gauge that required the greatest amount of research and development in the Tube Sheet Pit Gauge.

The standard Pit Gauge Kits, outlined here, are not the limit to the combinations that can be assembled. Customers have either their favorite Pit Gauge Blades, or know exactly which items they want packaged in their own "Corrosion Measurement Toolbox". We have introduced this section titled Customer Specified Kits, where you can see the combination others have specified.

Many industries required regular Calibration, but a specific standard or procedure to Calibrate a Pit Depth Gauge has never been adopted by a Standards Organization. Some companies will supply a Zeroing Glass, however, it does not ensure the accuracy over the range of the Pit Gauge. Western Instruments have prepared a procedure and manufacture a Calibration Standard for Pit Depth Gauges.

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