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Click here to view Jr. Tri-Gauge Brochure Click here to view Tri-Gauge Brochure

Lever Pit Gauges are the simplest form of Pit Gauge, with an original Patent issued in 1935 as a Pipe Pit Gauge (J.C. Stirling). Until Western introduced the Tri-Gauge in 2004, no changes had been made to the original design of Stirling's. Western's improved designs make our Pointer Type Pit Gauges effective for Weld Measurement Gauges for Weld Undercut and Weld Reinforcement.

Western offers the original Tri-Gauge, which has a range of +/-25mm (0.50") with a resolution of +/-0.5mm (0.01") Click Here. the new Jr. Tri-Gauge (introduced in 2012) has a Range of 3mm (0.100"), with a resolution of 0.2mm (0.005") Click Here.

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