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Since the founding of Western Instruments it has manufactured specialized equipment, but in the early years we acted as a General Distributor of Non-Destructive Testing/Inspection Equipment. As our manufacturing base grows, the number of lines we carry is limited to:

Portable Ultrasonic Testing Equipment, Flaw Detectors, Calibration Blocks (Step Block Section), Tranducers (Tranducer Section, and Couplant (Couplant Section)

Magnetic Particle Inspection Consumables

  • Wet Method Aerosols (Sherwin Section)
  • Wet Method Powder and Slurry's (Western Instrument's Wet Section)
  • Dry Method Powder (Western Instruments Dry Method Section)

The NDT/NDE Equipment and Repair Department is large, in that it provides Repair, Calibration, and Service to not just the equipment Western Instruments manufactures and distributes, but all other competitive equipment. For many years this department serviced just customers in Western Canada, but now we find companies seeking us out from all over North America. The Company represents only industry leaders in the NDT/NDE disciplines we are active in (UT, MPI, UV, and Visual).

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