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Western's WDV-PD Series of Coils were introduced for Pipeline Pre-Weld Demagnetization. If pipe ends are magnetized when being lined up, welders will experience Arc Blow (or Arc Bending), which more often than not, will lead to weld defects.

Overview of Demagnetizing 3 Ends
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Instructional Video on a Single End
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The WDV-PD Series of Coils are specifically configured for Demagnetization of Pipe ends. These Demagnetization Coils are built with Western's exclusive PD Centralizer, to position the Coil in the Centroid and at the End of the pipe. Without the PD Centralizer, the powerful Coil would jump towards the center of the pipe and would unevenly demagnetize the end of the pipe.

To get an understanding of our Larger Coils, there are documents throughout this section that illustrate their size and capabilities. The documents in this section of our web site will introduce you to the design and use of WDV-PD Series Coils for performing Reversing/Decaying DC Demagnetization.

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Demag Procedures:

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