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Western Instruments was founded in 1965 to manufacture Ultrasonic Testing Equipment for Welded Tube and Pipe (Resistance Welded, Fusion Welded, U&O Submerged Arc Welded and Spiral SAW Welded). The principles of Western Instruments were pioneers in the technology with many industry firsts. Western's Systems have been installed throughout the world, with the company being recognized as an industry leader.

One of the company's most significant contributions to the Resistance Welded Tube Industry is our Flash Gauge Testing System. The Flash Gauge draws the OD and ID profile of the trimmed weld immediately after welding, while the weld is still at very elevated temperatures. The Flash Gauge was made possible not just by the custom software and hardware, but by its unique Probe (Transducer) - Shoe Assembly.

UT Systems for Welded Tube and Pipe consist of three very distinct parts: UT Instrumentation, purposely built Mechanical Probe Suspensions and Ancillary Equipment, and lastly Equipment Controls and interlocks. All of these components need to be designed, manufactured, and in-house tested by the same team.

Much of Western's abilities in the Resistance Welded Tube Industry are proven by the Articles within this section. Our experience isn't just confined to the equipment we produce, but extends to Mill Practices. We encourage visitors to review these articles. As our old friend and customer, Larry Wolfersberger (1956 to 2006) from Copperweld Shelby, always said, "...you have to teach them to think like an Ultrasonic Testing System!"

UT Systems (for Welded Tube and Pipe)

Technical Articles

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