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WA-Series Coils
can best be described as Light Duty or Utility Grade MPI Magnetizing Coils. No matter which ID Size, WA-Series Coils have a
n AC Output of over 4000 Amp Turns on a 115 Volt/60 Hertz Power and over 5000 Amp Turns with 230 Volt/50 Hertz Power. The 4 models of WA-Series Coils are the WA-8, WA-10, WA-12 and WA-14, with respective ID sizes of 8" (203mm), 10" (254mm), 12" (305mm), and 14" (356mm).

As an entry level Mag Coil, WA-Series AC Magnetizing Coils are very economically priced. This economy is a result of our consistency in assembly, and limiting the choices to ID size and activation by a Foot Switch or an intermittent Energize Button. AC Magnetic Particle Inspection Coils are effective for finding surface breaking defects on work pieces with little wear, but where stress results in high load concentrations that in turn can result in component failure. An AC Coil will only affect the surface of a work piece, and the Eddy Currents that form just below the surface act as a shield to any magnetism in the body of the work piece. Thus AC Coils only offer a Surface Following Demagnetization field.

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