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WD-Series Coils
Western's Flagship Series of Heavy Duty Coils are set apart from any other type of Coil, Cable Wrap, or Mobile Power Supply. These World Famous Coils have gained an unparalleled reputation for their portability, and ability for performing DC De-Magnetization. WD Series Coils offer a Powerful Full Wave DC Output, and an Optional AC Output. Western offers our exclusive Pulse DC Option, which emulates a Half Wave DC Magnetizing Field to aid in Particle mobility. WD-Series Coils are offered with numerous Mechanical Options for protection, convenience and fixturing.

Commonly referred to as End Area Coils in the Oilfield Drilling and Production industries. WD-Series Coils have numerous other applications, due to their portability and high Full Wave DC output. WD-Series Coils are manufactured large enough to provide Pre-Weld Demagnetization of Line Pipe for Pipelines and other process applications.

WD-Series Coils are the industry standard for Fracturing and Cementing Connections (Hammer Unions and Fittings). WD-Series Coils are commonly used for testing and demagnetizing Castings and Forgings. These Coils are also found in Aircraft Service Centres, for not only testing, but also for DC Demagnetization.

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