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Western Instruments introduced the Tri-Weld Gauge in May 2013 at the Offshore Technologies Conference in Houston. At the last Fabtech Conference in Chicago, the Tri-Weld Gauge captured the attention of over 500 attendees at our booth in the Welding Pavilion.

As illustrated in the Online Manual, the Tri-Weld Gauge provides easy to read measurements of the following welding and fit-up parameters; Internal Hi-Lo, Gap, Filet Height and Leg Length, Weld Height, Undercut Depth, Misalignment, and Angle of Preparation. The Tri-Weld Gauge is equipped with 3 separate scales for all measurements. Metric and Imperial (Thousands of an ainch and fractions of an inch). Rules for liner measurements are located on the top and bottom of the Front side of the Scale Plate. The Tri-Weld Gauge is also equipped with 7 unique diameter comparators which are half circles in 1/16" to 1/2" in 1/16" increments (1.6mm to 12.7mm in 1.6mm increments) for convenient diameter estimates (Filet Welds, Welding Rod/Wire, etc.)

Tri-Weld Gauge Brochure

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