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WP-Series Coils
Western's newest addition of Medium Duty Mag Particle Inspection Coils, complements our existing Coil line-up of Magnetic Particle Inspection Equipment. WP Series Coils offer over 7000 Amp Turns of Half Wave DC Output and 4000 Amp Turns in AC. WP-Series Magnetic Particle Inspection Coils are set apart from other coils due to their Demag Option, which allows for Reversing and Decaying DC Magnetization. WP-Series are available in AC Output only, with the option to add a fixed DC Output making WP-Series very powerful AC/DC Magnetizing Coils. Further, adding the Variable DC Output Option allows operators to control the amount of field so parts do not become saturated. Lastly, crowning a WP-Series Magnetizing Coil with the Reversible DC Field Option, allows the operator to perform Reversing/Decaying DC Demagnetization.

WP-Series Coils, with or without options, are offered in 4 different ID sizes: 8" (203mm), 10" (254mm), 12" (305mm), and 14" (356mm). These are still not Drill Pipe Coils...wait for our WS-Series Drill Pipe Coils, being introduced in October 2014.

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