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WS-Series Coils
The WS-Series is Western's newest addition to our line-up of Portable Magnetic Particle Inspection Coils, and complements our extensive list of Portable MPI Equipment. These powerful yet extremely light MPI Coils meet many applicable specifications for MPI. WS-Series can be called the 21st Century version of Drilco®
Coils, as their output characteristics are similar to those old successful Smith International® Drill Pipe Coils. The WS-Series use Western Instruments' innovative Capacitive Discharge Power Supply. The unique WS power supply provides the necessary energy pulse to provide an output of 1,200 Amp Turns per inch of ID and more specifically greater than 400 Gauss in the Center of the Coil. These outputs are common to all four models: WS-8, WS-10, WS-12 and WS-14, while all remain under 20 pounds (9kg).

In the Oil well Drilling Business WS-Coils are commonly called Drill Pipe Coils, where Drill Pipe is rarely Demagnetized. It is typically the Tools on the Bottom End of the Drilling String that are demagnetized, and where our WD-Series Coils earned their reputation. Drill Pipe Coils pulse about once per second and induce a very high Residual Magnetic Field, into the workpiece.

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